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Unlike contract surveys, Multiclient studies are conducted on Petro-Find's initiative to ascertain the oil and gas potential of large areas which it deems to be of interest to exploration companies. Petro-Find conducts two types of Multiclient surveys: Non-exclusive (ie licenced) and Exclusive (ie subscription) Surveys. Participation in Multiclient surveys is an excellent low-cost way for exploration companies to assess the oil and gas potential of large non- or under-explored areas such as basins.


 petro-find geochem ltd specializing in soil gas surveys for oil and gas  petro-find geochem ltd specializing in soil gas surveys for oil and gas

Non-Exclusive Multiclient surveys are conducted purely on a speculative basis. Once a survey is completed Petro-Find licenses the data but retains ownership.

Non-Exclusive Multiclient surveys can be of any size and can be either reconnaissance (ie low-density)or high-density. Ideally, these surveys should cover 4 townships or more so that trends of both oil and gas potential are shown adequately. For reconnaissance surveys, sample points are usually at every Section corner or every mile on east west lines that are two or four miles apart. For high-density surveys, the samples points are every half mile or less.

The outputs for reconnaissance or low-density surveys are bubble maps and for high-density surveys, contour maps. Contouring of widely-spaced data can lead to misinterpretations. The bubbles are sized to show ranges rather than individual values. Methane and Ethane+ value maps are printed on permanent clear overlays. The georeferenced base maps, printed on paper, will have oil and gas drill locations, and features such as topography and culture.

The data for Non-exclusive surveys are usually licensed on the basis of a block of four Townships (i.e. 36 square miles).

The licenced data includes:

It should be noted that the identification by soil sampling of areas with little or no potential also provides very useful information for the explorationist. Although soil gas surveys are the most useful when they provide drilling targets, the elimination of areas with little or no potential is important to decisions on e.g. acquiring and disposing of leases; and the early re-deployment of financial and human resources to areas with greatest exploration potential.


Exploration companies are solicited to participate in Exclusive or Subscription surveys for one or more specific areas. The surveys are usually of the high-density type (every half mile or less). Only when the project is fully subscribed will the survey proceed. The areas put up for subscription usually have some known potential from previous geochemical surveys or from previous drilling . Petro-Find welcomes suggestions by exploration companies of specific areas that can be explored on a subscription basis

It is expected that the survey blocks will be at least 4 Townships (12 miles X 12 miles) in size. Contour maps of both Methane and Ethane+ data as well as a report will be provided to the clients upon completion of the project. Unlike Non-exclusive Multiclient Surveys, Petro-Find will be selling the data outright and will not retain any interest.


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