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Consultation can take the form of consultation/interpretation services or Turnkey Projects where Petro-Find provides consultation, hands-on experience and transfer of technology.


In general, companies are in the market for any new technology or ideas that can lower the cost of exploration. While geochemical exploration is one of those technologies, companies simply do not have the multidisciplinary expertise to adopt this new approach and would be looking for outside assistance. Geochemical exploration requires expertise in engineering, chemistry, soil science, geology, GPS, and subjective interpretation. The geochemical expertise provided must be closely coordinated with geological/geophysical teams for cost effective exploration.

Petro-Find Geochem Ltd, a company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, provides geochemical consulting and unique exploration services and products to the oil and gas exploration industry in Western Canada. The President is Paul Lafleur P.Eng., who is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines in Geology and Engineering and a Registered Engineer in Saskatchewan and Alberta. He has ten years of experience as a consultant in geochemical surveys for hydrocarbons and years of experience in managing mineral exploration projects in Canada and the USA. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan has granted Paul Lafleur a License for Permission to Consult in the field of “Geological Engineering: mineral and energy economics; application of trace hydrocarbon and fixed gas analysis of soil gas to identify and characterize the presence of hydrocarbons and minerals.”  Petro-Find finds surface seepages

Services can take the form of professional advice on choice of technology/service providers for new programs, interpretation of previous data, assessment of previously conducted geochemical programs, and advice on the installation of in-house technology. The latter could be followed by contracts for Turnkey projects

In general, geochemical exploration by a number of direct and indirect methods has not reached its potential because of various factors including: application of inappropriate technology, unscientific methodology, high cost, and misinterpretation of data. For example, the approach by some oil and gas companies to have surveys conducted over established fields/pools “to see if it works or not” (i.e. analog studies) can lead to conflicting results if the data is not interpreted correctly.

Oil and gas exploration companies look to the experience of consultants and geochemical service companies for their geochemical expertise. However, the best evidence of surface geochemistry as a predictive tool comes from the experience of the majors as well as some smaller companies who have followed up their geochemical programs with drilling. Unfortunately, published reports are few because of the commercial sensitivity of this information. Some geochemical service companies also have achieved great results but are limited to what information they can release because of confidentiality provisions.

The interpretation of data generated by surveys are somewhat different for gas and oil. This is because of major differences in the configuration, chemical composition and areal extent of oil and gas anomalies.


Petro-Find Geochem Ltd offers turnkey services including transfer of technology to oil/gas and uranium companies wanting in-house geochemical expertise to enhance their exploration capabilities.

This service is to meet the concerns of companies about leaks of information that could undermine their exploration programs. It should be noted that some companies are so concerned about the results of geochemical exploration that they request only data, no maps or reports. Confidentiality is especially important where anomalies extend to adjacent properties that is either open for lease or already leased. Knowledge by their competitors of these trends could raise the bid prices or negate farm-ins at a reasonable price.  gas chromatograph trainng for turnkey projects

While the terms and conditions of each Turnkey Project can be highly variable, Projects would comprise at minimum the following components:

Petro-Find can provide one or all of the requisite technologies to the client. For only the field training component, samples could be sent to Petro-Find's laboratory for analysis. Companies entering into contracts for Turnkey projects will be required to maintain confidentiality about the technology. The client has the option to retain Petro-Find for a specifiic time period so that high standards are maintained in their geochemical exploration programs. Petro-Find can also provide consultation on the interpretation of data for new projects.


The fees for consultation and interpretation services are negotiated directly with the client. Contracts may be tied to individual projects or can be on a retainer basis.


215 Mallin Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 7X3
Contact: Paul Lafleur, President
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Phone: (306)931-3156 Fax: (306)931-9773